ADEIL Conference Next Week

Next week, UW-Madison hosts Join us at the Lake: ADEIL 2018 Annual Conference at Memorial Union. We hope that you’re able to take advantage of the learning and networking opportunities.

As some of our instructors are based outside of Madison, information for those coming from out of town (and for our Madison-based instructors, reminders of places to explore in Madison) are included below.

If you Arrive at the Dane County Regional Airport: You will find ground transportation near the baggage claim area. You may elect to take a cab from the airport to the hotel, or you may call the Graduate Hotel to arrange for shuttle service (608 257 4391).
Union Cab:
Badger Cab:
Green Cab:

If you Arrive by Car: You may use the parking service at the hotel.

If you Arrive with the Badger Bus from the Milwaukee Regional Airport:
You will get off the bus at the UW-Madison Campus Stop on Langdon Street: The conference hotel is a 5 minute walk away.

If you Arrive with the Van Galder Bus from O’Hare International Airport:
You will get off the bus at the UW-Madison Campus stop on Langdon Street: The conference hotel is a 5 minute walk away.

The Conference Hotel:
If you reserved a room at the conference hotel, you will be staying at the Graduate in Madison. You can visit their website at If you need directions to the Graduate Hotel, you may use Google Maps:

The Memorial Union:
The conference will be held at the UW-Madison Memorial Union. (Note: This is the Campus Bus Stop for Badger Bus and Van Galder Bus). To locate the Memorial Union with google maps, go to: Conference registration will open at 2 pm on October 24th. To locate the registration table, enter the Memorial Union via the East Wing (Peets Coffee Shop) and use the stairs or elevator to go to the second floor. Registration will be set up outside Tripp Commons.

Places to explore when you arrive:
If you arrive early, you may wish to explore the following places:
The Memorial Union has many quiet spaces as well as dining options:
The Chazen Museum of Art:
The Memorial Library: (check in at the Welcome Desk at the Library entrance near State Street for a visitor’s pass)
The State Capitol:
State Street (shops and restaurants):
The Veterans Museum:
Walking the Lakeshore Path to Picnic Point:
Camp Trippalndee (a restaurant in the Graduate Hotel)

Hope you have an inspiring time at the conference!

ADEIL October Conference: Funding and Presenting Opportunities

The Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning (ADEIL) conference comes to Madison next month, October 24-26, and funding is available for you to attend and receive one year complimentary membership in ADEIL.

If you’d like to attend the conference on an Independent Learning scholarship, please do the following as soon as possible:

1. Register online:

2. Select the pay later option

3. Email indicating that you have registered and wish to attend the conference on scholarship

If you are interested in presenting, there is still space for posters during our poster sessions. If you would like to present a poster, please email

You can find more information on the conference at

IL Instructor/Facilitator Orientation

This past summer, the Independent Learning Instructor/Facilitator Orientation migrated from d2l to Canvas.

If haven’t yet completed the orientation and need access in Canvas, please e-mail your Net ID to Sarah Korpi: – this is the ID you use to sign in to and access your earning statements.

If you have questions as you go through the material, please e-mail Rich Freese, who is helping facilitate the orientation:

As a reminder, all DCS IL instructors are required to complete this orientation course. In addition to the opportunity to navigate Canvas before teaching in that platform, we hope this learning resource helps generate some ideas in your own courses.

Print-Based Courses: Assignments

News for our instructors/course facilitators teaching print-based courses: the process for submitting assignments has changed. Directions can be found in this attachment:

New Print-based Course Assignment Process

The new process should be more user-friendly for both faculty and students.

This new process only impacts print-based courses. Students in online courses will
continue submitting assignments in their online course where you’ll continue to grade their work.

IL Update: Recording Grades in d2l

Happy New Fiscal Year! As of July 1, there are some updates in recording grades and hours.

1) For instructors teaching in d2l: recording grades in LRMS is no longer necessary. d2l (and, in the near future, Canvas) will be our only grade record for Independent Learning students. When a student has completed a course, please submit their final grade at:
Continued thanks for keeping your students’ grading records up-to-date!

2) It is no longer necessary to submit assignment re-submission information or course revision hours in the google forms. That work is now included in the new monthly pay structure.

We hope that these changes will help you spend more time teaching and less time record-keeping. If you have any questions about these transitions, please feel free to contact Program Director Sarah Korpi:

Canvas Sandbox

As UW-Extension and CEOEL prepare to transition to the Canvas learning management system, we’ll be receiving information and tutorials. But would you like to experiment with your own Canvas course in the meantime? If so, you can request a “Sandbox” course by completing the form here:

You will be asked for the following information:

Email Address:
NetID: (This is what you use to log in to myUW and check your pay stubs)
School/College: Select “Other”
Department: Enter Continuing Studies/LAAS
The answer to the question “What is the purpose of the course?” is SANDBOX
Desired Title: Select a title you like
Comments/special instructions: none

While this sandbox course allows us to build a course ourselves, instructional design teams will continue to build our Independent Learning courses. However, this is an opportunity to learn more about what is possible in Canvas, which can be helpful during course design and revision.

IL Canvas Webinar Recap

Independent Learning recently offered a webinar for our upcoming transition to the Canvas learning management system. That webinar can be viewed here:

Scroll to the section titled “Recordings” and click on “June 1, 2018: Independent Learning.”

The webinar introduced how to navigate Canvas (view grades, course content, etc), some differences in terminology from d2l Brightspace to Canvas (Canvas has a “Dashboard” instead of “My Home,” “Assignments” instead of “Dropbox,” etc).

There was also an important discussion regarding the migration process from d2l to Canvas:

1) Instructional Designers will export courses from d2l and import them into Canvas, doing a first wave of clean-up; during the transition, items like hyperlinks, discussions, and quizzes might get messy or broken.

2) Instructional Designers will reach out to Instructors/Course Facilitators to help clean up those items above. In some cases, we’ll be making direct fixes – perhaps replacing a quiz question. In other cases, we’ll be providing clarification about course content. Please note: we’ll have three days to complete this. Given the tight time frame, Independent Learning will reach out to Instructors/Course Facilitators in the near future about when we’ll be available to complete this step.

3) A reviewer/editor will then look through each course.

4) After the review, Instructors/Course Facilitators will have one last chance to review the course and sign-off that the course is operational.

Various learning resources about navigating Canvas will be made available in the near future.

Facilitator Orientation: d2l to Canvas

A reminder of some important news: as UW-Madison transitions digital learning environments, the Independent Learning Facilitator Orientation is scheduled to move from d2l to Canvas on June 1, 2018 (a week from Friday). If you’d like to complete the course in d2l, please submit your materials by noon on May 31st to ensure that we have access to grade them.

Please note: the transition from d2l to Canvas for courses that you teach will be happening at a later time. We had a chance to talk a little about that transition at the Faculty Symposium, and more information will be sent in the near future.

Faculty Symposium May 23-24

The UW Collaborative Online Programs Annual Faculty Symposium takes place this Wednesday and Thursday, with some time on Thursday afternoon to connect as a DCS IL group. It should be a great opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn with colleagues. Presented topics include assessment creation and evaluation, course discussions, group projects, and media in course design. We hope to see you there!

The event takes place at the Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street in Madison. As 100 faculty from around the state are attending, please allow for extra time when parking.

Directions to the Pyle Center and Lowell Center:

Parking for those staying at the Lowell Center:
Please stop at the Lowell Center when you arrive to pick up your parking permit. There is a circle drive on the side of the building on Frances Street, where you may leave your vehicle while you get your permit. Depending on availability you may have onsite parking (this is very limited) or complimentary parking a few blocks away. You may leave your luggage at the Lowell Center or in your vehicle. If your room is ready you may check in early, however, this is not guaranteed. For further inquiries about parking contact the Lowell Center front desk: 608-256-262.

Parking for those not staying overnight:
If you are not staying overnight there is a city parking garage at 415 N. Lake Street a few blocks from the Pyle Center.

IL Update: Course Completion Time

Last month, an Independent Learning program change went into effect for students’ time to complete a course. If a student enrolled on or after April 10, they have six months to complete the course (with the ability to purchase two three-month extensions). For students who enrolled before April 10, they have twelve months to complete the course (with the ability to purchase two three-month extensions). Please note: the student’s home campus, school or employer may require a quicker timeline.

From IL Program Manager Liz Bush: “A review of the student data from 2012 to today revealed that the average IL student takes 6 months after starting to complete their course – with a recent trend towards even shorter time periods. The changes outlined above, along with adjustments to some of our fees and tuition refund schedule, are intended to better serve our students and position our program competitively and in alignment with UW System policies.”

If students have any questions about these changes, you can direct them to the IL website or the Student Services Team (

LRMS will continue to keep track of students’ Expected Completion Date, so regardless of how much time a student has left to complete the course, Instructors can easily see that information. A good practice reminder: it can be helpful to check in with students as their Expected Completion Date approaches.