Canvas SpeedGrader Webinar

How is the transition to teaching in Canvas going so far? If you’re looking for more information on getting the most out of grading and providing feedback, UW-Extension recently gave a webinar on the various tools available with Canvas. Items discussed include a to-do list that shows which items need grading, different ways to annotate student work, different ways to access student assessments, and how to grade quizzes that autograde some questions but need your feedback for others. The webinar can be viewed at the following link:

If you’re ever looking for more information with Canvas, you can also go through the Canvas Learning Center course that’s in your Dashboard.

TEDx Talk: Good Design is Good Education

How much do you think about visual design as you prepare teaching materials? You can view a TEDx Talk at the following link that discusses how different fonts and graphic design can positively impact your students.

Have you found any fonts or visual layouts that seem to be especially effective for communicating with students? Let us know – we’d love to share your ideas!