Presentation: Creating and Evaluating Assessments

Earlier this year, Nate Ewings and Kristine Pierick at UW-Extension presented Assessments, Alignment, Evaluation, Oh my! The Path to Creating and Evaluating Assessments. The presentation examines ways to create high-quality assessments. You can view a powerpoint from their presentation here:
Faculty Symposium Assessments

While viewing a powerpoint doesn’t replicate the experience of attending a presentation in-person, there are some great ideas included:

Characteristics of high-quality assessments
Aligning learning objectives with assignments
Including real-life applications for students
Examples of how these ideas have been implemented in courses

Invitation to IL Course Showcase

Greetings from Rich Freese! I wanted to invite you to a brief presentation that I’ll be giving alongside instructional designer Eric Peloza and media specialist Nick Meyer. We’ll be at UW-Extension and presenting on the IL course Legendary Performers. We revised it this past year, and we were fortunate to receive an ADEIL College-Level Course Award.

The brief presentation and following reception will take place Thursday, December 13, from 3-3:30pm, at 5602 Research Park Blvd., Suite 300 (top/3rd floor of building) Madison, WI 53719. We’ll be in room 337 (the Creativity Room).

Looking to later next month, we’ll also showcase the course in more detail at our next IL instructor meeting, Friday, January 25.

A Way to Help IL Colleagues: Quickmarks in Speedgrader

Have you used Quickmarks when grading student work? It can save time – and lots of it – with its tools to save and reuse comments or other feedback that you might often provide when grading assignments.

Quickmarks is not currently available with Canvas, but we can reach out to the Canvas developers to request this feature at the following link:

Whether you’ve used this feature, would like to try this feature, or simply want to help your IL colleagues by making the request, your vote improves the chances of it being implemented.