Bucky’s Tuition Promise

Starting this fall, Wisconsin residents who are incoming or transfer students and whose household adjusted gross income is $56,000 or less will receive free tuition and segregated fees at UW-Madison. UW-Madison students (along with all full-time students in the UW system) can enroll in Independent Learning courses at no additional tuition costs, so low-to-moderate income families have free access to educational opportunities at both UW-Madison and UW’s Independent Learning.

Do you know anyone who might be able to take advantage of these opportunities? You can share more information with them from the link below:


Print-Based Courses: Assignments

News for our instructors/course facilitators teaching print-based courses: the process for submitting assignments has changed. Directions can be found in this attachment:

New Print-based Course Assignment Process

The new process should be more user-friendly for both faculty and students.

This new process only impacts print-based courses. Students in online courses will
continue submitting assignments in their online course where you’ll continue to grade their work.

Canvas Migration Experience

Greetings from IL Instructor/Facilitator Rich Freese! I recently had the opportunity to review two courses as they migrate from d2l to Canvas. A few thoughts and observations:

1) Comparing the Canvas course in one tab and the d2l course in another makes for a very efficient way to check course content/layout accuracy. I also found this process was a great way to better understand how to navigate courses in Canvas.

2) If you find something that needs editing, click on the edit button on the top-right of the screen.

3) A very cool Canvas feature: if you’ve included links to youtube videos, you can preview and play them within Canvas. With d2l, links would simply open in YouTube in a new tab.

4) In general, the instructional designers did a great job importing the courses I worked with, and they also noted issues they encountered during the export/import for review. If you have quizzes/exams in your d2l course, that will require some additional reviewing, as the quizzes/exams don’t import/export smoothly.

For more resources about migrating to Canvas, go to: