Construct Your Career at UW

UW-Madison is hosting a free conference for employees interested in managing their careers, offering resources, helping establish goals, etc.

From the conference website:
You can learn how to assess where you are now, build a career plan, execute that plan, or continue building within your current role. Join us for a full day or part of the day.

Again, this is free, and includes access to workshops, a keynote session, and lunch.

Canvas Gems: How to Grade Using Rubrics

As we further learn how to get the most out of teaching in Canvas, Erin Paul has put together another FAQ. This one explains how we can use rubrics in Canvas to quickly evaluate assignments. Thanks, Erin!

How to Grade Using Rubrics in Canvas

On a related note: if you haven’t used them for grading before, rubrics can save a lot of time. While there is the initial work to create a rubric, many instructors have commented how it can make evaluating student work so much more time-efficient.

NetID Login

In an effort to help with online protection, UW-Madison will be adding a step to the NetID login later this year. After logging in as we usually do, we’ll then use a smartphone or a fob to verify our identity. If you don’t have a smartphone, you will be provided with a fob.

The purpose of this: even if someone else has your NetID password, they won’t be able to log in to steal information or your identity.

The Division of Continuing Studies is schedule to start this process in February or March. More information can be found here:

In general, this new process should be user-friendly, and we’ll provide detailed instructions when the login process changes.