UW Now Series: Confronting COVID-19 Misinformation

Next week Tuesday, June 9, the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association will host Professor Ajay Sethi for the discussion “Confronting COVID-19 Misinformation.” Professor Sethi is an infectious disease epidemiologist and faculty at UW–Madison; he teaches the popular course Conspiracies in Public Health at UW. After his talk, Sethi will take questions from the audience via live chat.

In recent years, a number of Independent Learning courses have offered students activities that help evaluate the credibility of sources, and this should be an excellent discussion on credible information about a very relevant topic.

For more information, or to sign up for reminder 30 minutes before the event starts, go to:

Invitation to IL Course Showcase

Greetings from Rich Freese! I wanted to invite you to a brief presentation that I’ll be giving alongside instructional designer Eric Peloza and media specialist Nick Meyer. We’ll be at UW-Extension and presenting on the IL course Legendary Performers. We revised it this past year, and we were fortunate to receive an ADEIL College-Level Course Award.

The brief presentation and following reception will take place Thursday, December 13, from 3-3:30pm, at 5602 Research Park Blvd., Suite 300 (top/3rd floor of building) Madison, WI 53719. We’ll be in room 337 (the Creativity Room).

Looking to later next month, we’ll also showcase the course in more detail at our next IL instructor meeting, Friday, January 25.