Resources for Online Courses

Our Independent Learning courses are already online, so we don’t need to worry about adapting them as the title describes, but this article includes some resources for improving online courses. These would take some time and planning to implement, but it includes ideas of activities, recording lectures, and different apps to connect your online learning community.

Career Counseling Resources

March brings promises of spring (even if we still see some occasional snowfall), and marks an important transition in the UW-Madison Independent Learning program. March is the last enrollment month for the few DCS IL courses that are still open for student enrollment. As we enter the third phase of our teach out period and reflect on what comes next, we wanted to highlight some career counseling services available to you.

The employee assistance office offers counseling and consultation at no cost to UW-Madison staff:

Additionally, the Division of Continuing Studies (our division on campus) also has resources that you can use at no cost.

Adult Career and Special Student Services “provides career and education planning support for community adults including UW-Madison employees.” From their website: “We can help you focus on your interests, skills, and values while providing you with the techniques and resources for exploring career and education options.”

There’s also a job support group that meets weekly to discuss a specific topic or simply for everyone to check in: