Transition; Professional Resources and Support

As Sarah Korpi e-mailed a few weeks ago, there is not a renewed Memorandum of Agreement with our Independent Learning courses, and we (the Division of Continuing Studies at UW-Madison) are entering a teach-out period. As you think through your own specific transition plan, we want to highlight some of the services and support available to you on campus:

1. On Friday, August 9 from noon to 4 pm, there will be a workshop for IL instructors to assist with this transition at 21 N Park Street, room 7221 (where we usually meet). Elizabeth Schrimpf, Career and Education Counselor with Adult Career & Special Student Services will be customizing a workshop for us. The first half of the workshop will focus on processing this transition on a personal level. The second half of the workshop will focus on specific tools and strategies you can use for job searches. For more info and to RSVP, see the following link. Please RSVP by Monday, August 5.

2. The employee assistance office offers counseling and consultation at no cost to UW-Madison staff:

3. The Division of Continuing Studies (our division on campus) also has several resources that you can use at no cost:
a. Career Counseling:
b. Job Search Support Group:

In the midst of this change, know that your years of service, your passion for teaching, and everything you brought to Independent Learning is immensely appreciated.

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