Q & A: The Democratization of Education through Technology

In the Q & A below, Anant Agarwal (computer architecture researcher, founder and CEO of edX) offers some ideas of what education could look like in the future: modular learning (short-term course-taking instead of completing a degree), stackable learning (institutions offering degrees based upon credentials one has accumulated from various institutions), and a greater emphasis on problem solving, empathy, and communication rather regurgitating facts.

Anant Agarwal and the democratization of education through technology

Given that the author is chatting with a major figure of the massive online open course platform edX, it sometimes reads like an edX commercial, but it’s still interesting to read ideas on how technology and employee/employers needs might reshape education.

Academic Technology and DoIT

Are you interested in learning more about using technology with your academic endeavors? Consider attending an event hosted by Academic Technology, a department within the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). You can find a list of events at the link below. Upcoming trainings include Canvas Tips and Tricks, supporting mental health in our online learning environments, and an Active Teaching Lab: Rubrics and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Technology Services Available

As employees of UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies, we have access to a wide variety of technology services for our Independent Learning work. Some of these services involve assistance with computer/network help or borrowing equipment like a laptop or headset and microphone. There are also resources to administer online surveys or tutorials for general computer tasks.

For those interested in content creation, we have resources and assistance to make teaching materials: possibilities include informal recordings, narrated slideshows, a course blog, and even open online textbooks and tutorials.

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