Faculty Symposium Presentation: Meet the Instructor: Building a Social Connection

At the Faculty Symposium this past June, Nick Meyer and Bryan Bortz from the media services team presented on how “Meet the Instructor” videos can build a social presence in your course. As IL instructors, we might not be able to interact in person with our students, but these videos can allow students to see us in our element, like they would in an in-person course. Links to the slides of the presentation (which include some information on the process and benefits of these videos) and a highlight reel are below.

You can download the Meet the Instructor: Building a Social Connection Presentation here:

You can view Nick and Bryan’s highlight reel of introduction videos here:

Faculty Symposium Presentation: Connections and Reflections

At the Faculty Symposium this past June, Stephen Beers and Eric Peloza presented on why and how instructor feedback matters. IL instructors do an amazing job providing quality instruction through quality feedback, and this presentation might offer a few ideas to add to the teaching toolbox. A link to a pdf of the presentation slides are included below. While viewing a pdf can’t replicate the experience of a live presentation, it does include ideas – some general, some specific to Canvas, some questions that we can consider – for providing instruction through feedback.

Faculty Symposium Presentation: Discussion Twists

Have you been looking for more ways to add interaction and engagement in your online discussions? While asynchronous courses may not be the first environment you might consider with online discussions, it can be done, and at the Faculty Symposium this past June, Laurie Berry and Kristin Kowal shared ideas on how to elevate your online discussions beyond post-and-reply. A pdf of their slides are included. While viewing slides can’t replace the experience of attending a live presentation, they do offer ideas.


What are some ways you’ve made discussions work in your courses?

Faculty Symposium Presentation: Course Renovation

Have you been wondering about how you might like to renovate one of your courses? At the Faculty Symposium this past June, Kristine Pierick and Ryan Martinez gave a presentation that compared the work of redesigning a course to a home remodeling project, with examples of what might be a light lift (comparable to a weekend project), a medium lift (comparable to something more substantial), and a heavy lift (the course revision equivalent of redoing your kitchen). In the attached pdf of their slides, they’ve included different examples of what a light, medium, or heavy renovation to a course might look like. These are great to think about while considering what you’d like to revise along with the available time.

Faculty Symposium-Course Renovation

Faculty Symposium May 23-24

The UW Collaborative Online Programs Annual Faculty Symposium takes place this Wednesday and Thursday, with some time on Thursday afternoon to connect as a DCS IL group. It should be a great opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn with colleagues. Presented topics include assessment creation and evaluation, course discussions, group projects, and media in course design. We hope to see you there!

The event takes place at the Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street in Madison. As 100 faculty from around the state are attending, please allow for extra time when parking.

Directions to the Pyle Center and Lowell Center:

Parking for those staying at the Lowell Center:
Please stop at the Lowell Center when you arrive to pick up your parking permit. There is a circle drive on the side of the building on Frances Street, where you may leave your vehicle while you get your permit. Depending on availability you may have onsite parking (this is very limited) or complimentary parking a few blocks away. You may leave your luggage at the Lowell Center or in your vehicle. If your room is ready you may check in early, however, this is not guaranteed. For further inquiries about parking contact the Lowell Center front desk: 608-256-262.

Parking for those not staying overnight:
If you are not staying overnight there is a city parking garage at 415 N. Lake Street a few blocks from the Pyle Center.