Free Online Courses: Coursera, EdX

If you’re looking for professional development opportunities, or an opportunity to try a new skill, or simply a chance to experience the student perspective with online learning, you might try two platforms of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCS: edX and Coursera

Please note: this is a much different format than the IL courses we teach. Rather than an actively involved teacher providing instruction through feedback (like our courses), these courses enroll thousands of students, with autograded quizzes and peer review providing much of the feedback. That being said, it is interesting to experience.

Many courses are free to explore, and for a fee (some in the tens of dollars, others in the hundreds), you can earn a certificate.

Any thoughts on the nature of MOOCs? While I much prefer the personalization of Independent Learning, these do allow for a large number students to access learning. Do you have any experience engaging in these courses?

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