8 Remote Participation Strategies

Are you looking to add opportunities for students to participate in your classes? The following article shares eight strategies: five synchronous and three asynchronous.

Do you have any favorites from this article? What are some strategies you use to foster participation in your courses?

Building Community in the Online Classroom

As we work on building a sense of community and engagement in our classrooms, this article might offer a few ideas:

The ideas are from a synchronous online course, which differs from our asynchronous Independent Learning courses with regularly scheduled class sessions. However, it’s interesting to read about how personal essay writing, which can be incorporated into any course, can help build community.

7 Strategies to Promote Community in Online Courses

Have you been looking for more ways to increase engagement, personability, or community in your online courses? The article below shares some ideas, including how we as instructors can model these ideas and how we can design our course.

What are some ways you’ve fostered community in your online courses?If you have examples, we’d love to share them.