Tips for Successful Online Learning

DCS Independent Learning is publishing material for the broader online educational community. This effort began with the publication of A Foundation Course in Reading German by Howard Martin, revised and expanded as an open online textbook by Alan Ng. 

It continues with Tips for Successful Online Learning.

For newcomers to online education, the “Consider Your Options” tip reviews different online learning choices: free versus paid, continuing education credit versus college credit and competency assessment versus independent study versus cohort classes. And, to help prospective students critically assess online learning providers, it includes a primer on regional versus national accreditation.

To help prospective students focused on career advancement, the “Consider Your Career Goals” tip introduces students to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics’ The Occupational Outlook Handback with information on 575 different occupations: the job itself, the work environment, job preparation,  occupational outlook and regional data.

For online students there are tips on appropriate communication, “Mind Your Ps and Qs,” writing resources, “Write Wisely: Use Your “OWL” Online Writing Lab” and time management, “Budget Time and Find Space.”

In all, Tips for Successful Online Learning offers twelve tips and reflects DCS Independent Learning’s commitment to helping students find the learning option that is best for them and fulfilling their educational goals. Forthcoming DCS Independent Learning  publications for the wider educational community include, for instructors, “How to Teach Successfully in D2L” and, for students, “Getting Ready for a Writing Intensive Course.”

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