Study with Your Heart and Head

Academic success is a function of both emotion and intellect.  Peace of mind promotes understanding and retaining course content; anxiety impedes it.  Knowing and addressing our feelings not only makes our studies-but our entire life-more fruitful and enjoyable.

Most of us struggle at one time or another with test anxiety, procrastination, writer’s block and excessive tension. The good news is that there are outstanding resources for us on:

Improving Memory

Overcoming Procrastination

Anxiety and Stress

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation Video

Some questions to consider:

How is my health? Am I eating, resting and exercising well?

What sorts of activities refresh and rejuvenate me?

Am hardly ever anxious? Sometimes anxious? Often anxious?

What strategies, techniques do I use to overcome anxiety? Am I satisfied with the way(s) they are working?

Last revised on November 8, 2018.