Reach Out for Help

Most of us are ready and willing to help others but are sometimes reluctant to request assistance for ourselves. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking or ignoring the resources provided by online programs. In particular, if you believe you may need an accommodation, it is important to let student services know about that as soon as possible. If you are not a “techy” make use of the program’s technical support; you’ll want to make sure that its hours complement your schedule.  Also, be sure to check the program’s online writing lab, “OWL” (See Writing Wisely: Using Your OWL).

Some questions to consider:

Do I need a learning accommodation? If so, have I checked with prospective online programs to see if they deem my desired “accommodation” reasonable and will provide it?

Is there a toll-free number for technical assistance?

When is live (as opposed to leaving a message) technical assistance offered?

Does the online program I am considering have an “OWL,” online writing lab? If so, what services does the writing lab offer?

Last revised on November 8, 2018.