Mind Your P’s and Q’s

There is a time and cyberspace for informal communication, but online education is not it.  Informality lends itself to misinterpretation and can convey disrespect. For purposes of clarity and courtesy, educators have developed rules of online etiquette, so-called “netiquette.” In some courses the instructor will post the rules of netiquette. Whether posted in the course or not, we need to become familiar with and follow the expected online educational courtesies, noted in the links below. Doing so demonstrates our commitment to clear and respectful communication.




Some questions to consider:

Have I reviewed rules of netiquette?

Am I currently following the rules of netiquette?

Why is it important to follow online etiquette?

Have I ever been offended by an email communication or posting?  What did I find offensive?

Would I be happy if my messages were shared widely?

Last revised on November 8, 2018.