As mentioned in the previous explanation, adjectives describe nouns or pronouns. Depending on the way they describe the noun or pronoun, adjectives can be grouped into these categories: demonstrative, descriptive, interrogative, and possessive. Here are some examples for each category:

Demonstrative (shows which noun the speaker refers to)

  • Is this the computer that won’t reboot?
  • What are those people doing?
  • These books are on the correct shelf. 

Descriptive (describes a quality of the noun or pronoun)

  • I bought the blue shirt yesterday.
  • She has innovative ideas to share with the team.
  • The dog is large. 

Interrogative (asks a question about a noun)

  • What article will you read next?
  • Which lesson are we on now?
  • What time does class begin?

Possessive (indicates whose noun it is)

  • Where are my shoes?
  • His family wants to help organize the celebration.
  • In our organization we have a different policy. 


Last revised on July 1, 2019.