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William Hagen

William is from Cedarburg, Wisconsin, a small town about 25 miles north of Milwaukee. He is currently an undergraduate student at UW-Madison majoring in statistics and environmental science. He also has a passion for the Spanish language and an interest in learning more about Spanish speaking cultures.

William has had a strong background of using technology in a professional setting long before he joined Independent Learning in 2017 here at UW-Madison. He has used his past experiences and skills to transfer course content, organize and format this material, and manage the organization of this information on online platforms. Through his work, he tries to make content easy for independent learners to access and use.

In his free time William enjoys traveling with his family and friends to new places across the globe. He’s been to England, France, Spain, Italy, and Haiti and hopes to add to that list. He also enjoys playing and watching sports, especially basketball and golf. William likes spending time in nature by hiking, swimming, kayaking.