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Bloom’s Taxonomy Flashcard Matching Activity

Description and Purpose of Engagement Tool

Quizlet is a web-based tool that allows users to create study tools such as interactive flashcards, tests, and study games. With Quizlet, students can choose their own “Study Mode.” This allows activity content to be migrated from flashcards to matching games to other types of study games easily and responsively. Quizlet activities can also be embedded easily into course management systems.

Description and Purpose of Activity or Assignment

This activity serves as a knowledge check for what participants have learned when reviewing content in the unit about how to use Bloom’s Taxonomy to write learning objectives. Participants are provided a description of each of Bloom's six levels of instructional objectives in the cognitive domain, each in terms of the essential question with which it is associated. Furthermore, each level includes several representative action verbs that can be associated with that key question. The purpose of the Quizlet activity is to match the Bloom’s Taxonomy level with its corresponding question being asked.

Learning Objectives Associated with Engagement Tool

  • Match the Bloom's Taxonomy level to the question provided.

Preparation Details of Activity or Assignment

In this activity, participants will match the Bloom’s Taxonomy level to its corresponding question. This is a great tool to conduct a brief knowledge check to determine if participants understand Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is important to provide well-explained information about the topic and then make the Quizlet activity challenging enough to assess knowledge but not too difficult as to frustrate the participants.

This activity requires setting up an account with Quizlet to begin creating study sets. Once signed in, users can create study sets as well as join or create a class to collaborate and share these study activities.

Quizlet offers a free account with basic features in addition to account upgrades such as Quizlet Teacher for a $25 yearly fee. The premium features Quizlet Teacher offers include unlimited classes, class progress data, ad-free studying, voice recording, and image uploading to study sets and games. For more information about what Quizlet Teacher has to offer, visit:

When considering a Quizlet activity, there are a few things to consider. Quizlet was designed for study games and is best used to help students study or as a knowledge-check. Quizlet activities are not recommended for testing purposes or to contribute significantly to a final grade.

Resources for getting started with Quizlet:

Student Instructions for Activity or Assignment

Drag the correct Bloom-level to the question being asked. Clear the board!

If you would like to choose a different study mode, click the lower right corner of the activity and select another mode. Additional instructions will be provided based on the study mode you choose.

Assessment/Grading Criteria for Activity or Assignment

This activity is an optional knowledge-check on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  There are no points associated with this activity.

Example of Final Student Output

For this activity, there is no final student output to provide as an example. However, following is a screen shot of the activity. When all the words are dragged to the correct question, the words disappear.

Screenshot of student example