2.2 Negation

To render a sentence negative, the word no is placed before the verb.

Isabel no está aquí. Isabel is not here.

Be aware that no means “no” as well as “not”:

No, Isabel no está aquí. No, Isabel is not here.

Vocabulario básico (Basic Vocabulary) 

a- to, at
ahora- now
allí- there
aquí- here
con- with
de- of, from, about
e- and (before words beginning in -i, hi)
en- in, on
entre- between, among
es- (he, she, it) is/(you) are*
está- (he, she, it) is/(you) are*
muy- very
o- or
pero- but
y- and

*The difference between these forms will be studied in Section 3.4.

Last revised on June 16, 2021.