1.2 Syllabication

A word is divided into as many syllables as it has vowels or diphthongs (ai, ei, eu, ie, io, ia, ue, uo, etc.). Single consonants are pronounced in the same syllable as the vowel that follows. Note that the capitalized syllables are the ones that are stressed when said aloud.

CA-sa house
za-PA-to shoe
su-pe-RIOR superior
si-len-CIO-so silent

Two consonants are usually divided into different syllables except in combinations of a consonant and l, a consonant and r, and the inseparable sounds ch, ll, and rr:

es-pa-ÑOL Spanish
a-BRIR to open
con-CEP-to concept
cons-TRUIR to construct
ex-pli-CAR to explain
ba-TA-lla battle

Last revised on December 7, 2020.