Recent Changes

The twenty most recently revised textbook sections are listed below.

Unit 1 I. Essentials of pronunciation
Unit 1 III. Present tense of essere (to be)
Unit 15 IV. Subjunctive in subordinate clauses
Unit 15 III. Present subjunctive (continued)
Unit 15 I. Present subjunctive
Unit 12 IV. Idiomatic uses of fare
Unit 12 III. Ci and vi
Unit 12 I. Leggere, scrivere, and mettere
Unit 3 IV. Some direct-object pronouns
Unit 11 II. Future and future perfect
Unit 6 I. Possessives (continued from Unit 3)
Unit 5 V. Imperfect tense
Unit 5 I. Present tense of andare, dare, fare, stare
Unit 17 I. Irregular verbs
Unit 2 IV. Contractions
Unit 6 IV. Relative pronouns
Unit 6 III. Present perfect (also called the simple past)
Unit 6 II. Past participle
Unit 20 I. Negative forms

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