About this Book

This open textbook is currently maintained by the Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies to support the University of Wisconsin online course Italian for Reading Knowledge, offered spring, summer, and fall sessions.

Italian for Reading Knowledge, offered online by the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

  • Open to students around the world.
  • Prepares you to pass graduate-school language reading exams or for personal development.
  • Earn 3 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).


Prepared by Carleton W. Carroll, emeritus professor of French and Italian for the University of Wisconsin, this online textbook guides a student who has no previous Italian experience to gain the ability to accurately understand standard written Italian prose, aided only by a comprehensive dictionary. It was revised by Sage Goellner, assistant professor and director of non-credit programs in French and Italian, and Lauren Surovi, PhD student in Italian. It was launched publicly on December 1, 2016.