2. Ordinal Numbers

These counting words usually function as modifiers of a noun, so they will appear with the appropriate ending to match case, gender, and number of the noun being counted.

erst- first
zweit- second
dritt- third
viert- fourth
fünft- fifth
sechst- sixth
siebt- seventh
acht- eighth
neunt- ninth
zehnt- tenth
elft- eleventh
fünfzehnt- fifteenth
zwanzigst- twentieth
einundzwanzigst- twenty-first
dreißigst- thirtieth
hundertst- hundredth
hunderterst- hundred and first
hundertzehnt- hundred and tenth
zweihundertst- two hundredth
tausendst- thousandth
millionst- millionth
Last revised on September 4, 2014.