Music Games

Welcome to the music games of University of Wisconsin-Madison's Division of Continuing Studies! All three of these games were created in partnership with the Division of Information Technology through the Engage program here at UW-Madison.

Melody Mixer

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  • Each particular computer you play this on will need Java and will need the address "" added to your Java security exception list. Detailed instructions are posted here:
  • Mac computers: If you encounter a warning "Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" then you first need to use this workaround.

Review basic music theory concepts and explore melodic structure in phrases by Bach, Mozart, Brahms, and Stravinsky as they travel through time hoping you’ll unscramble their melodies. Concepts covered: basic notation, rhythm, key signatures and scales, intervals, triads, seventh chords, melodic constructs and cadences.

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Authoring Tool: Anyone in the world can customize their own version of the Melody Mixer game, using your own melodies, feedback messages, graphics, etc. if you wish. Instructions and software are free, here.

Harmony Helper

Take a series of harmony lessons with Beethoven and his music. Mini games include:

  • Slider: adjust various pitches to create triads and seventh chords.
  • Chord Tetris: One or more pitches come down the screen. You need to click on the pitch or pitches needed to complete the requested chord.
  • Harmony Mixer: Built off of Melody Mixer, Beethoven gives you one of his melodies and he’ll ask you to create an appropriate accompaniment out of the measures provided.
  • Cadences and Non-harmonic Tones: Beethoven will give you an incomplete measure. You need to click on the staff to complete either a requested non-harmonic tone or cadence type.
  • Play Along: Play along with Beethoven melodies by clicking on roman numerals on the screen.

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Counterpoint Constructor

Practice counterpoint and help Haydn successfully play though his life. Create 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th species exercises by dragging measures on to a given cantus firmus. Rules provided by Fux.

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